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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will power.

With the new year bringing in new fatness on my body that is fully welcome, I look forward to reshaping my body. Slow and steady is the motto for right now.

200 ab twists
75 burpees
20 one hand push ups

Time: 19 mins

Almost threw up yeah what? I feel disgusted that this brought me to my knees. *whispers to self* "You're better than this now show it."

Live to train tomorrow. The fuck you still reading this for? Look at the picture and get your fatass up and train! ><


  1. Good luck sir! Don't ever lose the motivation!

  2. we have the same goal this year - to lose weight!
    let's wish ourselves luck! ^_^

    - wrey

    by the way, you have a wonderful blog in here, hopefully we can follow each other! ^_*