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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

David, Goliath, and the message they hold.

Jan 4th 2012 Jorge Saavedra was given his freedom back ( if you can call it that ) after stabbing Dylan Nuno a fellow high schooler 12 times with one nicking his heart. Before thinking what's wrong with this picture? Dylan Nuno had been bullying Jorge Saavedra for some time now and took it one step too far when exiting a bus to follow Jorge Saavedra.

Jorge Saavedra had got off the bus a few stops before his actual stop to avoid conflict however couldn't shake the bully and friends. Given no other choice but to defend himself after Dylan Nuno punched Jorge Saavedra in the back of the head and under Florida's "Stand your ground" law Jorge Saavedra does what few are able to do, take a stand.


After reading the whole ordeal of it and how all the charges are dropped I can only nod my head and commend the victim who is Jorge Saavedra. This is a big issue that could of been resolved another way but life isn't simple that way. Did everyone forget the white husky kid who was recorded being punched in the face and taunted by a smaller white skinny kid? Then got his little ass tossed? Shit kid what were you expecting? Goliath can be any size and so can David, however only with people like this who can stand up for themselves that I commend and have no remorse for the bullies who choose to engage in such an act. They choose to do harm and should know damn well that if you choose to do harm, harm can come right back.

Let this lesson be learned to all the friends and family of Dylan Nuno and his coward friends that choose to bully and harass one person.

Death may have not been the answer but when you corner someone what really did you expect?

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  1. Wow. It's sad what happens in the world sometimes.