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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TMV Plays Goliath at Abbey Road Studio

Given news of the return of At the Drive In I thought I'd follow up with what happened after ATDI. Half the band split and made Sparta, keeping most of the roots of ATDI with the same feel. While the other half made The Mars Volta and went for a more experimental feel with influences from a wide range of musical construct.

This song below I wanted to share called "Goliath" from their 4th album titled "The Bedlam in Goliath". The albums this band makes are mostly made of concept albums and the story that inspired this album was due to a purchase of a Ouija board while traveling and touring. Strange things started happening to the band and such bad luck that they decided to get rid of it in a special way due to the words of a holy man.

I recommend this album but of course starting from the beginning would be best :) Enjoy :D



  1. Pretty good song, I prefer Roulette Dares though!

  2. awesome very old school, I love this stuff!

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  4. Great song. It would be amazing if they played at Coachella this year (not sure if they will, since they already posted the line-up)

  5. great music but next time i should check the sound volume of my speakers before clicking on play... i think im half deaf now ^^

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  7. omar Rodriguez Lopez is such a great musician!

  8. good musci :D I fed your fish ;] following !

  9. That is an awesome music video! I have never heard of the band but I am going to check out their other stuff. Thanks for sharing!