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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bruce Lee, Nunchucks, and death in a workout.

It's official. I've decided to become Bruce Lee status with these new chucks I picked up and in hopes that this will increase focus and fluid movement. Right now I'm all about fluid movement for some reason and what better to channel it than to nunchuck.

I'll be practicing all night after my training routine which I will post under all this but thought I'd share my little adventure. Hopefully this video (yes I know its fake) will inspire some of you to take on chucking but please, PLEASE! Be careful! Happy chucking :D

3 Rounds:

75 push ups 25 regular, 25 wide arm, 25 diamond.

50 good mornings 10LBS

25 side situps

10 handstand push ups

1 min push up plank stall.



  1. Just make sure you don't don't die like he did. :P

  2. Go for it perhaps in a few months you upload a video of you showing off your progress using those chucks

  3. Haha, that's awesome, old but gold :)

  4. Wow. Have never seen this video. Thanks for the share brother.

  5. The video is splendid..!!

    And more interesting than the video is that you have decided that you will master the martial arts nunchucks use.

    The fitness routine specified by you is exceptional.

    However, talking more about Bruce Lee and martial arts I will like to add that Bruce Lee is the master of all when it is about use of martial arts nunchucks.