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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Small move.

Recently moved back to Las Vegas and getting everything up and in order. Laptop's busted, why must you hate me god? Internets will be turned on pretty soon and with this new phone I feel a little sane again :D

More posts and workouts will be on soon once I get everything up and in order from this move back to Vegas from Texas :D

On a side note dancing again hurts the body, I love it :) Went to my first event since being here in Vegas and enter the event 1 vs 2 and gotta tell you, ouch :D

One of my favorite bboy crews shot really well, enjoy.


  1. 7:57 : wow. I'd get dizzy and puke after that.

  2. Oh wow. These guys really know how to dance.

  3. the chap in blue was quick as lightening eh ^^

  4. Those guys got the moves better than Jagger!

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  6. @ Vatinam+
    Wish you a good day and full of joy...

  7. Nice blog! Followed ;) Check out mine, I started it yesterday.