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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In her life for a day.

Walking pass the park yesterday an elderly women is walking across the street from me and drops both the bags in her arms. Amazingly, being in a park with everyone around her, joggers, walkers, dog ass watchers. No one stops to help her.

I walk up to this elderly lady, on her knees watching her slowly picking up piece by piece of useless things she has purchased from a store that sells useless products. I stand, glaring at her not saying a word. People walking, running, ignoring the two of us standing and kneeling. She looks up and with a kind of confused trite smile. She asks "Can you help me?"

I look at her for exactly ten seconds to achieve an awkward pause and say "No, i will not help you." Loud enough so that everyone around us could hear. Just then about seven to eight people stopped, looked at me, looked at her, back at me with such anger they then offered to help this elderly lady.

To make people feel good nowadays is getting harder and harder. It is only after they feel insulted by someone else's remarks or actions is when people gain courage to stand against something.

"We have to show these men and women freedom by enslaving them, and show them courage by frightening them."

After everything was picked up, bagged, and in its proper place. The heroic seven or eight pilgrims walked by me muttering obscenities. "Fuckin prick." "Asshole." "Useless bitch." Stares that would melt people who had hearts and souls.

The elderly lady then walks up to me, gazing maybe fifteen inches from my face. Waits exactly ten seconds and says "That was clever, thank you son." then proceeds to hand me an orange with a relieved look on her face, and continues on her however remaining time line path she has left.

To make people feel good nowadays is getting more difficult. Someone has to be the asshole for someone to look like a hero.


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